• Systems Architecture


    Teranomic employs Senior Level System Architects with expertise in various Best
    Practices disciplines and technologies to provide expertise in developing an architectural
    framework to house software and hardware to centrally manage core business processes.

  • Web Design

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    We employ a full Web and SEO development team complete with Project Management,
    Senior Website Architects, CMS Architects, and SEO Analysts to design / re-design
    cutting-edge websites for the Private and Public Sectors. Our team uses .NET expertise
    industry Best Practices to ensure compliance with W3C Web standards, ADA Section
    508 accessibility standards in all modern website designs.

  • Software Development


    Teranomic offers COTS solutions for improving business operations as well custom
    software development services to meet specialized business needs. Our development
    team follows the Agile Development Methodology in “scrum” development cycles to
    provide agency stakeholders with full transparency into the development of their

  • Software as a Service

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    We offer full turn-key solutions as well as Software As A Service (SaaS) licensing
    options for month-to-month billing plans. SaaS allows for reduced costs and contractual
    paperwork while providing complete access to the software from any Internet Browser
    (with a valid connection) and enables you to only pay for what you use without additional
    overhead for surplus modules or services.

  • Hosting and Support

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    Teranomic provides state-of-the-art virtual cloud and server hosting options to
    meet the business needs of small to Public and Private Sector agencies. We provide
    highly reliable and secure Enterprise Data Center services engineered to provide
    “five nines” (99.999%) availability, with highly scalable power and load balancing
    options to ensure when your services peak, so does our support!

  • Mobile Apps


    We offer mobile access to each of our COTS or custom solutions to enable users with
    field access from anywhere with a valid service signal. Users are provided with
    real-time access to their back office data to enable work operations to proceed
    and grow 24/7, 365 days a year!