TeraGrants(tm) is an intuitive grants and loans management system within the TeraSuite(tm) product line.

TeraGrants provides for full grants and loans management capabilities – all within the centralized database (with inputted grants/loans/IDIS data using TeraReceiver) to provide for the following functionality areas:

  • Research and Planning Management
  • Communications and Reporting Management
  • Submission and Performance Management
  • Central security administration for managing role-based permissions and user log-in credentials to supplement MS Active Directory (if used)

TeraGrants is a highly reflexive system, designed to be completely configurable to meeting changing County, State, and Federal loans regulation guidelines. TeraGrants also records relationships and, with analytical “viewing” windows, enables users to plan the full lifecycle of receiving, administrating, and distributing grants.

Communications management expands on planning management by providing the ability for agency users to regulate and monitor internal communications between users and external communications with grantees or loan recipients.