TeraData(tm) is an efficient and continuous data governance, purification, cleansing, conversion, and exception processing that integrates Legacy and Modern databases and systems.

TeraData TM elegantly solves most common problems associated with the competing Extract Transfer and Load (ETL) systems used to prepare data stores for conversion or interfaces.

  • True Web-enabled solutions for zero client-side footprints accessible from any modern Web browser.
  • Customized GUI’s to match agency branding schemes and preferences.
  • Ad-hoc status reporting tools for seamless printing (export to MS Excel or CVS files), storing, and sharing of files.
  • Central security administration for managing role-based permissions and user log-in credentials to supplement MS Active Directory (if used)

TeraData allows for the management and control of the data model from a web based user interface. This abstracts the process of data modeling to a level that the standard users can understand. By allowing the administrators or users to update and configure the data model, TeraData facilitates easy and effective reorganization of the data stored within the system in a centralized manner.

TeraData provides for dynamic addition of custom data sources. While, other ETLs provide functionality to allow for the “definition” of custom data sources, this definition is a complex endeavor and requires significant knowledge of customized components that require extensive management of data sources. Some competing products to TeraData, such as ODI, do not even provide for the acceptance of proprietary data protocols and formats such as IDMS or DB2.

Enables agency administrators to further configure backend functionality and security setting from a single interface. TeraData provides a user interface to define the custom objects of a system as well as the properties comprising those objects. It also allows end users to create associations between various objects and object types in real time and continuous mode.